A Light City Art Granted Project
This project's purpose was to create a moving art piece that utilized light.
My role in this project was to design a mural to display on the back of a sofa that will display during The Light City Festival in Baltimore, MD from March 31st to April 8th, 2017.
I was asked to join this project due to my experience as a painter and concept design.
You can view the proposal HERE.
The concept: A Creature crawls out of the Chesapeake Bay. Designed in Illustrator.
My directions were to develop a visual that would utilize light while telling the story of "The Creature" as it crawls out of the Chesapeake Bay.
"The Creature" concept was designed by another artist in this project. 
To utilize the concept of light, I designed a seven-layer shadow box that, when assembled, will house three different colored LEDs to enhance and play with the colors of the mural. These are the seven-layered templates.
Projectors assisted in plotting accurate templates upon wooden boards
Utilized Wood Working expert in the learning how to operate a jig-saw (with prototype)
Each layer painted with design
Red, green, blue, and white paint was used to react with red, green, and blue LEDs to be installed in later steps.
At 6x2x1 in dimension, a frame was designed to separate layers to create depth and secure the pieces while the shadow box moves with the final DekoSofa art piece.
A view of the gaps between the layers
Three LED light strips were installed between the gaps of the layers to create more depth in the mural and meet the requirement of utilizing light.
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