3-YR Travel Music Documentary
After 2.5 years of travel through South Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia, I have finally come home for good.
Edited in Final Cut Pro
#FlowDown Editing Technique Development
On this fifth #FlowDown video, I sharpened the overall technique and message to these rules:
1. Shot on iPhone using Slo-Mo feature
2. Edited within one day
3. Utilize a jump-cut technique to tell story
In shooting, I visualize mirrors, crops, and blending of framing. In editing, I utilize the movement of the subject to carrying the audience's eye as the scene jump cuts to the rhythm of the beat.
Over all conclusion of #FlowDown experiment: quick and quality storytelling with less time focused on shot and edit and more time focused on the story.
Edited in Premiere Pro
IRS Recruitment Video designed in After Effects
Political Commercial 2008
Edited in Final Cut Pro
National Park Trust
Edited in Final Cut Pro
TwitterBowl Idea for Sporting News
Edited in Premiere Pro
Fire Performance Reel for marketing purposes
Edited in Premiere Pro
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